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Hey there - So I make my own reel every year and I can help you make your reel too.

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The Reel Deal
The deal with reels is they have to have the coolest stuff you've done. If you don't have a whole lot
yet that's OK. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Don't beat yourself up about it. Casting directors
and department heads get that there are "newbs" and well seasoned job seekers out there. They know
what they're looking for in both quality of work and in what they want to pay. You may have to start off
small and move up from there. We all have so, no worries. The bottom line is you will get your start.
Don't be discouraged. Be glad you're getting your affairs in order and moving ahead!

And even more good news is I can make or update your reel. My rates and edits are competitive.

I offer your edited demo reel with color corrections and sound design and two DVD's/jewel cases
starting at $25 an hour. That beats out the $45 an hour "going rate." Most reels, given the clips you
want are already picked out, wont take me more than 4 - 6 hours to put together. I also wont charge
for time lost where equipment and software goes bonkers. Because as I am sure you know, that stuff
happens. >_< <--- my online frustrated face*

Other Goods
I also offer resume, portfolio, reel evaluation, and personal website vs. Vimeo/Youtube consultation.

Sound good to you? Let's get your reel on the roll!

Contact me at 'reels AT calicoart DOT com.' Send me:

1. Your name -
2. What you do - i.e. are you an actor? A hostess? A producer?
3. Tell me what kind of content you've got - i.e. a combination of films and commercials?
4. What sort of media is your work on - i.e. DVD? On a website/server? On a DV tape?
5. Do you have a reel that needs updating or do you need an all new reel?
6. Send me your phone number and location. (I am based in Los Angeles)

Once I know you are a real person and not a crazy internet bot, then we can get the show rolling.

P.S. If you aren't in Los Angeles but want me to edit your reel - that's not a problem either. I can
for you from a distance as long as you've got a Paypal account. =)

And that's it. Thanks for checking me out. I look forward to hearing from you!