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Editor & Reels

Hey - I know you're on this page because you want to know more about the shoppekeep and editor.

Well welcome.

Firstly, if you're a site designer I am sure you've noted my laziness behind the "coding" of this site.
I assure you it's only going to get prettier and more "complex." When juggling a career, a household of
kitties, a "partner in crime," and a social life, Calico Art's design has been a last priority. Depending
on how well I do with it in the future will determine how much I put into the back end bits.

Anyhow - for everyone else, thanks for checking this site out. You're looking at a creative endeavor for
emotional sustenance and joyful fulfillment. I grew up surrounding myself with theater, broadcast, ballet,
painting, crafts, and humor. In the last decade I tried the business end of life and have decided I prefer
creativity best.

So for your information - I am an editor and a producer by profession. Don't believe me? Look! I totally am.
Vimeo. I also have been known to run successful promotional and social events but that's another thing
to pile on, for another day.

In my spare time I also like to draw randomness. I have all these ridiculous drawings and designs and I
thought - why not put them to work for me? Thus my store idea was born. What I hope for is to do well off
of this so I can get away from CafeP and on to move over to Etsy. I know you want to help me do this right?

Anyway I have so many plans to make this site more interesting and artistically relevant. This is a good
start though. Thanks for stopping by!

(And for whatever reason if you'd like to contact me, you can at 'Shoppekeep AT* calicoart DOT* com')